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Don’t you want her?The Nuru Massage Experience

This type of massage is unlike any massage you’ve ever had in your life. During this massage, the masseuse makes full body-to-body contact with you. Both you and the masseuse are naked and have massage oil all over you. A special massage oil made from seaweeds that has no taste or odor is used. It’s often referred to as Nuru gel. Physical contact will be made along a large part of your body. It’s not uncommon for a masseuse to use her whole body during the process. You’ll be sure to get an experience of sheer ecstasy that will melt all your stress away.

The Miami Nuru Specialty Massage

Miami is a great location for this special type of massage. Miami is a bright, vibrant, sunny, and fun part of the country. After spending all day at the beach and all night at a club, you’’ want to relax by getting a massage from a gorgeous woman. Miami is home to some of the most gorgeous escorts on earth. A Miami Nuru massage is a perfect night cap. Miami is no stranger to beautiful women. There are plenty of Miami Beach escorts who would love to spend the night with you.

The Massage Difference

This massage completely different than a regular, traditional massage. During a regular massage a masseuse uses her hands and arms to work on your body. It features a masseuse who is fully nude, oiled up, and uses her entire body to create a relaxing experience for you. This leads to a much more intense, exciting, and pleasurable experience.

Setting up a Massage in Miami

Setting up a massage in Miami is incredibly easy. You can go to your web browser and search for Backpage Miami escorts or you can check out Miami Backpages. You can also search for the names of different Nuru masseuses parlors in the Miami area. You’re not just limited to Miami either.

You'll be able to find the best escort in Miami.


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